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Partnerships & Alliances


Partnerships & Alliances

International Health, Safety and Environment Council, Dubai: This partnership provides us the capacity and competency to offer Occupational Health and Safety courses certified by NEBOSH, IOSH, IEMA and Medic First Aid in Nigeria. These courses are available in class sessions in both Nigeria and Dubai.

Confirm Biosciences and Quest Diagnostics, USA: We are able to offer a most reliable drug and alcohol screening in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa using 10 – 12 panel drug test kit. These kits are also available in commercial supply to oil and gas (onshore and offshore platforms), vessels and other forms of workplaces for random drug and alcohol testing.

Global Rescue LLC, USA: A partnership we have instituted to ensure reliable security and medical evacuation to any choice location of clients. We pride ourselves with the efficiency and competency level available in this service which is being enjoyed in many parts of the world.

ER 24 EMS PTY: We have instituted this strategic partnership to enable us compliment existing Occupational Health and Safety products as well as the health insurance policies of organizations. Under this partnership we have access to 6 air ambulances with very qualified aero-medical experts and we are able to activate any of these air ambulances for international medical air evacuation to any part of the world but South Africa by default. We are also able to design emergency management systems for organizations both offshore and onshore and also supply medics and paramedics to man oil and gas rigs as well as mining locations with high risk exposure.

Roche Pharmaceuticals: This strategic alliance has been put in place to drive our preventive health project 8.80 on Hepatitis B which is currently running across many organizations in Nigeria. Through this partnership, we are able to offer FREE Hepatitis B screening and Fee-For-Service Hepatitis B vaccination to those qualified to access the vaccines. Our primary focus in this project is on workplaces, settlements, schools, communities and other places that could attract sponsorships and supports from responsible organization and donor groups.
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