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Mission Statement

who we are

Mission Statement


To be the most complete Occupational Health and Safety company in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our Vision Statement

Reduced healthcare cost, man-hour loss and improved efficiency.


Occupational Health and Safety Managers (OHSM) a duly registered company in Nigeria. It was registered in 2009 to achieve the following objectives:

  • Encourage organizations and groups to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve their general safety well-being through continuous health assessment programs.
  • Support continuous improvement in the workplace conditions and tasks,
    advise on health hazards and recommend control measures.
  • Advise on the medical suitability and effect of illness on the working capacity of employees at recruitment and during employment.
  • Own a modern medical project laboratory equipped to diagnose work health concerns and work fitness status offered both as on-site and off-site work health intervention.
  • Identify causes of sickness, absenteeism, work related accidents/illnesses and advise on solutions.
  • General workplace safety, behavioral change and systems design
  • We have leadership made up of a team of experts drawn from multiple fields of healthcare services with a collective passion of adopting Occupational Health and Safety approaches in achieving work-life balance.

Our ever innovative efforts at OHSM ensures we are able to provide respite in form of solution in the gap that exist in the Nigerian health sector, we have recently gone into partnership with ER 24, one of the largest emergency response group in South Africa. This partnership grants us the capacity to be able to call up an air ambulance to assist in conveyance of critically ill patients or emergency cases to any preferred country of their choice for onward health management.

This partnership also guarantees our access to the numerous hospitals under the Mediclinics Group in South Africa which is our choice referral destination knowing that ER 24 team is available to supervise the case management in ensuring expected health outcome is achieved. This was borne out of the fact that there are Nigerians who can benefit immensely from this structure yet they do not know how to access it, we have now simplified the processes which is now at your door step.